Time to help!

Last year I decided to blog and share only positive news. Well, they were plenty, but somehow all negative and devastating news just sank in, and dark clouds were more visible than golden ones. So I try again, I cannot promise only joyful blogs, but at least I will try to post, something.

At the moment there is an urgent need for our help in several countries. UN and the government of South Sudan have declared the state of famine in the area. Starvation is a real for too many children, and why? Many other countries are under the threat of famine, especially the most vulnerable are children. Horrible war in Syria has been in our minds and hearts, but also Yemen, Somalia, Eastern Nigeria suffer from the effects of war. All starvation and famine, shortage of food is man-made. No almighty nature has caused  catastrophes, only acts of wars. In Yemen over 14 million people are in the brink of famine. In South Sudan almost 5 million need help, meaning safety and food. Nearly 12 million Syrians are displaced, living in inhuman conditions suffering from starvation, war actions, fear – this has been going on six years!  There are too many other countries suffering from chronic famine, like Philippines: over quarter of children aged 0-2 are severely undernourished. The list is overwhelmingly long.

Sometime ago I talked with my Dad on the phone, and he said wisely that all these horrors are mainly caused of arms industry. I agree. Well, money talks, greediness for power also talks too often. My father’s solution was to strip arms, and instead of fist-fighting in the field. Nice and full of hope of thought, it would at least be more equal and not so awfully monstrous than current situation.

My heart is bleeding for all dying and suffering children. They haven’t done anything to deserve the cruelty they have to live in. It is our adult duty to help.


There are several ways to donate, some are more secure than others. UNICEF helps directly in war zones (whenever they have access into crisis areas). Pick your own, but act.


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