Big news last week

I am more or less addicted to the news. Although funnily nowadays I do not follow that much specific news channels and publications I used to, but more from numerous sources. At home I choose either to watch CNA or BBC. On the road (or sofa) I check quickly dozens of posts from different kinds of news mediasĀ  using Facebook mobile. Back in Finland I used to stick on YLE (national broadcasting television company) or HS (Finnish newspaper). Not so often I check YLE nor HS anymore, only briefly on Facebook, but rarely logging in their services.

Last week news offering was peculiar enough. Two major events were broadcasted at least twice an hour: New princess to be born in UK and The boxing match in Las Vegas. What was funny that usually I do not follow royal news and ever sports news, but now I had no choice, because both events were so broadly presented in main news at every turn. The most weirdest was the preview of turnover of THE match Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Almost ten minutes devoted to this. My spouse just laughed at me, when I gazed in awe. Also no news without new born princess, at first to be and then born. I felt pity thinking the parents, especially mother, who just gave birth and then very soon after holding baby publicly, waving to the crowds, smiling and evidently being in pain. Tough. But well, at least she has chosen the life path, unlike her husband. I wish all the best to the princess.

Mentioned two news were unavoidable, and I couldn’t quite understand all the fuss. There were a lot of interviews from Philippines. People were really excited. THE match was obviously unifying event. What I appreciated that in poor country community houses organized screen and pay television for inhabitants nearby to come and watch the match, and those, who could afford their own pay tele opened their doors to kin to share the event. Sports apparently connect people. Tried to think, whether in Finland ice hockey is such a connective genre. Due to weather it is not easy to organize open air screens to the communal squares, but has there been common houses to gather Finnish to watch world champion ice hockey competitions together, for instance at schools, sports halls etc. Cannot answer, because I honestly do not follow sports. Only, when it is spoken out in main news! But it was heart warming to hear common men to tell about being proud there is Champion from Philippines, it seemed they felt to be in the same ring together. Whether Mayweather unified American people similarly?

Nepal earthquake is so heart breaking news. Poor country trying to its best, and now so much is destroyed. Death toll is still counting, but at the moment it is over 6000. News from Nepal have been so saddening. The contrast between Nepal disaster and mentioned two news is devastating, but almost preposterous. Tears in my eyes I watched the news, how survivors try to survive. At least it is warm, not snowing, but soon is monsoon coming and the next fear with it. It is delightful people are sending tents, blankets, money to the victims to help them to get up again.

Another disgusting, tragic news is from Paraguay, where 10-year old girl was raped by her step-father and is denied to have her life-saving abortion. When saw this news I just couldn’t read it. How any adult can rape a child, and furthermore doom the child dead. So shocking and outrageous. How can the child ever survive after experienced such an immoral behaviour by adults, who are supposed to protect precious life of child. Amnesty International is doing great job, and via pleas we all can help and act. As one Finnish writer mentioned sometimes it really affects. In the case I truly hope so.

My recommendations of the week:

FOOD: soba noodles

BOOK: Winnie the Pooh by A.A.Milne

PLACE: home

SOMETHING ELSE: Take action, not just worry.


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