Around the island

Friends of Museum (FOM) organizes plenty of programs. FOM is an excellent example, how people can with just a very easy way and comfortably little sum to support rich and lively cultural life. I have paid for the joint membership of FOM, only $85 annually. It allows me to enjoy very many events, join to all the programs, entry to museums basicly free.

The program I selected is FSS = Field Studies in Singapore.This spring is my third season. Program is organized twice a year. I have enjoyed enormously all our tours under the program. Participants are mainly expats or relocated in Singapore from overseas. It has been so nice to get to know so many, who have moved from their own homelands to elsewhere. Making friends is equally important than explore Singapore.

I have had chance to visit NEWater visitor center and also at the same tour to hear important information of Marina Bay Barrage. Quite often I walk to Marina Bay Barrage and/or Gardens by the Bay on weekend. It is so lovely to experience the line, where fresh and sea water confront each other. Our FSS tour also inspired me to explore other water reservoirs in Singapore. But that is another story. FSS tours have carried me to know better Fullerton history, clan associations in Chinatown, into so many temples, Kampong Glam, and also to observe intriguing art in Marina Bay Sands Mall among so many other interesting subjects. In general so many places that by my own I necessarily wouldn’t ever have chance to enter. Last week we walked a part of Toa Payoh heritage trail, and a month ago we heard a lot of fascinating flora and fauna at Pulau Ubin’s Chek Jawa. Our enthusiastic guide was, well who else than botanist Joseph Lai. One of the most interesting places we have visited is The Intan , private museum of Peranakan heritage.

The Intan, some of so lovely handmade shoes.

Sometimes is nice to explore new country of residence by your own, but I need to say that it is such a fun to have group of people to explore together. And there is indeed plenty to explore in Singapore. Waiting keenly for our next tours.

My recommendations of the week:

FOOD: dinner @ Katanashi An

BOOK: Yiyun Li: Gold boy, Emerald girl

PLACE: The Intan

SOMETHING ELSE: Field Studies in Singapore


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